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Full Version: 3.9.570 no idle scanning
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hi all!

i've been using tvheadend from the very beginning...
and i'm using 3.9 for a while now.
everything was fine but this week my provider (ziggo, netherlands) moved some channels around.
in tvh 3.4 new channels where automatically detected, and removed channels where automatically removed...
provider ziggo does this quite regularly (at least every month/2 months), so one would prefer to automate this process.

but in 3.9 there is no ' idle scan' option.

does anyone know if and how to enable idle scanning in 3.9?

Nearly all the recent builds from the past month or so are completely unusable with problems like.

1. Muxes not being detected for DVB-S/S2
2. Idle scanning 100% broken given the above.
3. Won't even scan if you add the mux manually.
4. Upgrading with a fully working setup results in not working setup on the 3.9.5xx builds even though the webguil looks like everything is all fine, you'll get "adapter in use" messages in XBMC when clearly they are available.

Last version I know works is 3.9.470, problems started just before the 500 mark, I know that 470 is more or less the latest working version at least.

I have no idea if the above is being fixed as we speak but it looks like it might be, there has been a lot of fixes the past week or so, but mostly relating to IPTV it seems....
Have to wait and see or use 470.
I've got version 3.9.569~ge113c3b (compiled for arm), everything works fine. Also automatic discovery of new channels. So I wouldn't say all builds/versions are broken. You may have to try a few though.
And it's under very active development at the moment - so what doesn't work now, may be fixed tomorrow... as much as what works now may be broken tomorrow... you're on a *very* unstable path if you're using the master branch, so you need to find a version that works for you and stick with it unless you see something that causes you to want to change.
ok, thanks for the info!
how do i move to a previous version? i'm not a git expert....
If you're on Debian/'buntu, download the .deb of the version of your choice and use sudo dpkg -i <file> to install it.

If you have the unstable repository installed, though, I suspect it'll promptly try to upgrade you to a later build, so you'll need to disable that as well.

If you're self-building, you'll need to use a combination of git log (to show you the commit history - or you can select a git revision from the pre-built debs or the 'repository' link on the website) and git checkout <version> (to check out the tree to a particular commit) - then build.