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Full Version: Nexus 7 2013 video twitching
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I have installed the stable Gotham on my Nexus 7 2013 (2nd generation) and I am quite pleased with it, never actually crashed.

I have watched a few films on it so far and I have experienced a sort of twitch sometimes. The video seems to run slightly slow from time to time, a slow motion effect which lasts a couple of seconds I'd say, then it run smoothly again. This is happening repeatedly at some point while watching any film so far. It always happens on a scene of a film I have watched (X264 720p) and I can definitely see the scene running smoothly if I play the video with BSPlayer for Android.

Has anyone experienced the same issue? I wonder if it is a matter of settings. I have tried a number of video options combination but the situation does not seem to change. I have also set XBMC to use network buffer (as I use smb) but again, no effect. As I said, it is not happening with another player so it is definitely an XBMC issue.

XBMC runs against a MySQL database and plays films via smb from a NAS locally at home.

Technically, my tablet has a GPU Adreno ™ 320, resolution [email protected], OpenGL vendor Qualcomm, CPU ARMv7.