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Full Version: Gotham - DTS Passthrough not working
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With Frodo on my MINIX NEO X7 (Android) I got DTS on my AVR amplifier.

Now I install Gotham with these audio settings:
- Number of Channels: 2.0
- Output Configuration: Optimized
- Enable Passthrough: ON
- Dolby Digital (AC3) capable receiver: ON
- Enable Dolby Digital transcoding: OFF
- DTS capable receiver: DTS

And I don't get DTS on the AVR.
If I turn ON Enable Dolby Digital transcoding, DTS sound is converted to Dolby Digital.

Am I doing something wrong? XBMC Gotham don't support DTS passthrough?

Any help on this?

Thank you.

not on MINIX
It don't works with Gotham but it works with Frodo
I bet your "Frodo" was a special build by someone other than us.
Frodo version is the 12.4 delivered by Minix on NEO X7.
(2014-05-11, 17:53)zecaetanop Wrote: [ -> ]Frodo version is the 12.4 delivered by Minix on NEO X7.

Yep, their custom build that hacks in their mess to support DTS passthough.