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Full Version: Music files aren't playing (WMA lossless)
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This is my first post to the forums as I'm new to xbmc. I only found out about the product when I bought an andoridTV box from Amazon LINK. In the past, I've experimented with HTPC, building my own PC from scratch to be quiet. I spent a lot of money on HTPC solutions and was never satisfied with the results. I'm really excited about the idea of a small, lightweight android based media client and have so far been impressed with how well it's going, considering how comparatively inexpensive it is.

For storage, I'm using a 6TB Buffalo NAS. It's actually an 4-bay NAS with 2TB WD Red drives configured as RAID5, to reduce the risk of data loss. It's in my office, away from the home entertainment system, connected directly to my router (the android box is connected to the router via ethernet over powerline). I've managed to play 1080p video from the NAS, streamed through xbmc, on the android device, so everything looks to be sound from that point of view.

I've managed to play mp3s through the box, but for some reason, my .wma files won't play. xmbc recognizes them and imports them into the library, even the album art works but when I click on one to play, nothing happens.Quite often when I try to play them through the xbmc, I get an error message 'one or more files failed to play, please check the log files'. I haven't checked the log files because I don't know how to. If it's important, they were mostly encoded about 5 years ago lossless and play fine using vlc on my macbook.

So this is a fairly basic, first hurdle issue but if somebody could take pity on a newbie and help me figure out why they won't play, I'd appreciate it.

Does anybody have thoughts about what could be wrong here or what course of action I might take to find out?
Howdy: Also new to this forum. Found your post thru google search looking for a solution to the same issue. Have you solved this problem?
It does seem this should be a clear-cut issue, with some simple solution, but I see your post has gone 2 weeks without a reply? I also have a large collection of wma encoded music. This issue with XBMC not playing wma encoded files has me considering re-encoding to Mp3. This seems like an extreme solution. There MUST be a simpler solution. True, the Mp3 files would be much smaller BUT, this is a LOT of work, for little useful gain. I have similar storage space as your NAS, so saving a few hundred megs on music files isn't a top priority.
Given the lack of response to your question, being new to this forum, I have to wonder: Is this an active forum, where people assist one another? Or is posting here a waste of time?
OMG 2 weeks, what on earth will we do?!?!?!

or, you could google "XBMC WMA lossless" and see that this has already been answered on our forum. Several times, actually. If you found this post from a google search then how were you able to miss the others?

Here's the first result I get: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=162357

Here's the second result I get: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=85963&page=2

A third? sure! http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=144726

They all says the same thing, XBMC v13 has support for 16bit WMA lossless.

You managed to find one of the threads where we didn't feel like repeating ourselves over and over and over.

Either you're not on v13 or the WMA lossless format you are using isn't one of the ones supported yet in ffmpeg. Having to explain this yet again is a waste of my time.
Ned Scott posted:
"OMG 2 weeks, what on earth will we do?!?!?!"
"or, you could google "XBMC WMA lossless" and see that this has already been answered on our forum. Several times, actually. If you found this post from a google search then how were you able to miss the others?"
In spite of your smart ass reply, I will respond with the facts.
1.) If you google XBMC WMA (without the "lossless"), THIS post is the FIRST link supplied AND the others do NOT appear (@ least it was, at the time of my search).
2.) It would take much less time to simply provide the information, with a Cut & Paste, or a link, than it does to think up a method to reply which proves your apparent insecurity over the size of your penis Nod

MY comment regarding the two weeks was directed at the original poster, as a means of politely showing appreciation in the event THEY choose to respond to my query, after a two week interval.
Consider the possibility that: if a user were unable to find information regarding the handling of WMA, they might choose to spend considerable work and effort converting large parts of their media library to another format, OR begin to investigate using an external player to handle WMA (which obviously introduces a new set of problems). A much better (simpler) solution might be available. If another (more experienced) user were to provide a simple, short, POLITE reply ... this forum would have proven itself to be a useful and well run tool.

As my original post says, I am NEW to the forums. Before I questioned another NEW user of the forums about how easily THEY were able to find helpful user information, I assure you -- I did performed multiple searches in the forums, with a wide variety of wording methods, and I did NOT find any of these posts. As mentioned, I did not include the term "lossless", which isn't the first term that comes to the mind of a casual music listener.

I would hope, for the sake of other users new to these forums, that they receive first replies from fellow users whom are a bit deeper in the gene pool RoflRofl
If I had really wanted to be a dick about it then I would have just said "google it" and not helped you find the information that you were unable to find yourself. You can be insulted by what I said, or you can suck it up and take the help that was given to you. If you don't want someone to respond like a smart ass, then you shouldn't post like smart ass in the first place. Thems the breaks.
(2014-05-25, 14:38)Ned Scott Wrote: [ -> ]You managed to find one of the threads where we didn't feel like repeating ourselves over and over and over.

Truly an amazing thing to say for someone who writes 12yo stuff like "?!?!?!".
I guess not everyone understands what sarcasm is?
I have a similar problem.

I have all my music files on my PC. I have installed Kodi on the PC. I can stream MP3 and FLAC but not WMA lossless to my Yamaha RX-AS710 Amplifier.

I have looked at the three links that Ned Scott suggested here and all they seem to tell me is that I may need to install ffmpeg. So, I have installed that and I can still not play WMA lossless. I can if I use Windows Media Player, but then I can't stream FLAC.