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Full Version: MCE Remote Missing Options in Gotham - Can't Get Settings to Work
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Hi, I used MCE remote addon with Frodo without any problems, but I remember there was an option that needed to be selected to copy over the MS home settings or whatever so the new settings would actually work. In Gotham, I have the program installed and can put my settings into the editor, but there is no option to copy over settings, and the program doesn't seem to do anything. I'm version 2.0.5 and the newest Gotham release. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
I noticed the same thing as well... it looks like the LIRC daemon was killed, or not installed/running. Or maybe you did a fresh OS install or something.

If this is some debian based build of linux (ubuntu xubuntu kubuntu) you will need to load lirc and set it to map for the correct type of remote.

sudo apt-get install lirc

when you get to the kudzu-lo[/align]oking text-based menu, hit the "w" key to move you to near the end of the list.

select "Windows MCE Remotes (all)"
when asking about the IR blaster type, answer none if you are not using the blaster module that came with your ir receiver.

start xbmc... and your buttons work fine.