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Full Version: SNES USB Controller setup help
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Hi, I'm trying to get the TOMEE SNES USB Controller to work with retroplayer roms. I tried making a keymap and putting it in the userdata/keymaps folder. I changed the device name to the device that is detected by XBMC, 2Axes 11Keys Game Pad, not sure if this is correct. Can someone provide me some guidance on what to do? Thanks
Please upload your debug log to http://xbmclogs.com and post the link here
Don't mean to hijack the thread but I have the same problem, and I have a log file! I am using a USB adapter to hook up SNES controllers. The log file does not show any joysticks initialized, but my controller does work in XBMC, it is just the buttons are all wrong. up is right, down is left, and a is esc. etc. I appreciate any help I can get. link below

If the buttons are mixed up, then your controller is working properly - it just needs to be configured. Find the keymap xml (much info in this subforum and on the wiki) and adjust accordingly.
Anybody has a working snes usb gamepad.xml to share ?

PHP Code:
Bus 002 Device 002ID 0079:0011 DragonRise IncGamepad
  idProduct          0x0011 Gamepad
  iProduct                2 USB Gamepad 
Guess this will help in next OE retroplayer build https://github.com/OpenELEC/OpenELEC.tv/...d8a51aac05
Right ?