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Full Version: Accepted in transifex in xbmc-main, can't request xbmc-skins
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Hi. I have a problem with transifex to help translate xbmc.
I subscribed and asked to become a member of xbmc-main -> italian language and they accepted me today. But i discovered that xbmc-skin needs a separate approval so i went to the relative page but there's no button to request it.
If i open the page with a new account the button is there.. Is this a limit of one project?
Sorry for the late answer, but there should not be any limit there.

so why i can't request it?
Sorry, but I have no idea.. I suggest trying to contact the Transifex support. They are really friendly.

Cheers !
When i logging i see many requests to join however when opening the languages they are gone. Seems issue on their side.