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Full Version: service.subtitles.unacs
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is anybody get such issue: Control 61 in window 10147 has been asked to focus, but it can't
I've got it from my log file: http://xbmclogs.com/prcbcpm4q
So it's basically stop works.
Please advise.
I use kody 15.2 over raspbian, and everything was good until today... Today it's just stop downloading... It's find the subtitles, but it cant download it.

Please Help!
Can't check log file: "The page you are looking for does not exist".
The manual search for subs doesn't work very well. For the tv show Firefly some of the subs are with wrong episode numbers. The subs for episode 4 are with number 5, the only subs with number 4 are for episode 3. So I choose manual search, and no matter what I enter - Firefly - for all episodes, Firefly 05, Firefly - 01x05 the addon always returns results for episode 04, but they are for wrong episode.
The addon's version is 0.0.14

Is it possible to do manual search for subs with this addon, or the manual search is a different thing and doesn't use the addon at all?
Hello, everyone. Not sure if this is the right place to ask for development, but pointing me in the right question would be appreciated too. I'm working on a project that involves developing a Node.js app that scrapes subtitles from subs.sab.bz and subsunacs.net. I've been looking at the Kodi addon and more specifically the Python code for some time now, but I'm having trouble translating some code into Node.js. I have some experience with scraping, however I can't figure it out why I got stuck. I'll try to provide as much information as possible. It would have been really nice if these two subtitle websites were using a RESTful web service rather than PHP for their search functionality, since in such case, you can add query parameters easily.

So, I have an HTTP POST request to perform the search (at this point it's hardcoded for the movie/tv show just so that I can get something), which includes the data that's being submitted (movie, act, select-language, etc. using query string and stringify), the options (along with appropriate host, path and headers). For some reason I'm not getting the right URL with attach_id for the subtitles. I'm guessing my HTTP request is missing something crucial.

I don't have the ability to message anyone directly or send an email, so I'm posting this here. I can provide the code I have so far, but any hints and tips on how to do the first part of subtitle scraping would also be appreciated. Once I have the attach_id, I'll need to figure out how to traverse the DOM structure. All I'm trying to accomplish is automate the search in subs.sab.bz and subsunacs.net, find links, and download subtitles. Thank you for your help!
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