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Full Version: How to change Live-TV OSD for channel selection
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i am running Amber on a rpi, very smooth! I like it very much. Previously i used Aeon Nox 4, which has a very nice Live TV OSD for channel selection.

On Amber there are only 6 channels viewed, without channel logo, and you cannot change the channel groups by pressing "left" and "right".

Is there any chance to change the behaviour of this osd? Especially the group change? It worke on Aeon like a charm!

Thanks for the infos!

-so long
I was just wondering the same thing. I'm totally in love with this skin but not being able to change channel groups in the context menu is a real kick to the nuts Sad
Did anybody ever do something about this?Smile
(2016-01-02, 08:32)Sajk Wrote: [ -> ]Did anybody ever do something about this?Smile

I have added this in my latest branch so hopefully it will get into master soon. Thanks.