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Full Version: Kindle Fire (Android) and downloading subtitles...
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I installed XBMC (Gotham) on my Kindle Fire HDx 8.9. I changed the skin to Touched from the default because it is easier to handle XBMC this way.

My problem is when a movie is playing, I cannot click the download button for the subtitles because Android's side menubar thinks I am trying to reveal the side menu bar.

I searched Google to find a way to move the side menu bar to the left but it seems to be locked to the right side.

Is there a way to move the subtitle option somewhere else or to move it to "Options"?

I tried the Audio -> Subtitle search but it searches only my local drive while I want it to search online at opensubtitles.org site.

The option does work in my Windows 8.1 version because it does not have this annoying two bar option to bring up the side menubar in fullscreen.

Please HELP!