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Full Version: MySql on ReadyNas duo
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Wondering if someone can assist me.

I have a ReadyNas Duo v2 and successfully set up the SQL / Myphpadmin on it to serve as my library (including sync bookmarks and watched statuses)

recently i noticed that the watched / bookmarked functionality was not working (i.e. it wouldn't sync what i watched on the box downstairs to the one upstairs) all library updates are happening (when new episodes are added)

i'm a little bit lost, when it comes to mysql. when i tried logging in to PHPmyadmin from the browser, it says that it couldn't be found on the server.

I've tried re-installing (i'd hate to loose my library info) but i can;t seem to remember how to do the setup

anyone care to guide / team viewer in for me?

Thanks in advance
anyone? i just need some guidance on how to get the myphpadmin to open up. its not loading anymore

Perharps you will find more help on Netgear forum because MyphpAdmin or MYSQL Setup don't seem to be an XBMC issue.