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Full Version: How to handle a same tvshow in two languages (playlist ? nfo ?)
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Hi guys.
Here is my pb:
For some show (example: south park), for each episode I got an English file (ex: S01E01.EN.avi) AND another one in another language (ex: S01E1.FR.avi for french).
Note that the tvshow name is the same in english and french.

I would like my existing custom SmartPlaylist TVShows to distinguish the french tv show from the english one.

Here is what I tried
I currently use /TvShows/SouthPark (FR)/ and /TvShows/SouthPark (EN)/ (but if needed, I can change the physical organisation and namming)
I managed to scrap the 2 directories with TVDB, one in French and the other one in English
->OK, when I go to VIDEO/Files, I see the 2 directories, one with the tvshow description and episode name in french and the other one with these infos in english

When I go to my TVShows smart playlist (which basically lists all the TVshows file containing path <myNAS>//TvShows/), it shows 1 South park "main" show, with for each episode the file in english and in french
What I would like to do is to have if possible 2 main south park shows displaying, one South Park FR and one South Park EN for example.
Or at least, distinguish an english season from a french one.

Through playlist ?
Through nfo file ?

Any though appreciated.

Hum, am I the only one that need this to be done Undecided?
Or am I the only one who don't know how to do it Tongue
Most people have one copy of the show with two language audio tracks.