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Full Version: Google+ link on homepage
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As the title says Smile There's an official XBC Google+ page, but the XBMC website only shows twitter, facebook and youtube.
We also have two paypal donate links for some reason (three if you count the "contribute" link). I'd axe the P paypal link and put in the G+ link, but then again... does anyone use google+? (as in, when you are not forced to use it to log into something...)

*sigh* when posting I even thought about including a pre-emptive statement in my post to prevent silly cliché and ignorant responses.

XBMC has an official page on Google+, but might as well remove it if there's no interest in promoting it.
I'm actually agreeing with you. I've thought about it before even, but I forgot to mention it to anyone else. The jab at no one using google+ was just in good fun :)
The Google+ link is further down the page, right next to twitter and facebook links.

edit: Are you guys talking about those buttons up at the top? I didn't realize anyone ever even used those. I looked at the theme options, and it appears the button for Google+ is missing. There's an area to provide a link, but the actual image itself appears broken or missing. With that said, like I said, I was not aware anybody actually used those buttons, given there are the more active links a bit lower on the page.
I actually didn't notice the ones further down the page. Also, it's not displaying properly, the text is cut off. The FB and Twitter links use their respective logo's, the Google+ one doesn't which doesn't help noticeability. To me, the links on top are much better and draw attention.
This is easily fixed by https://github.com/xbmc/website/pull/9 Smile

Edit: fix was pulled by Da-anda and I added the link in admin panel - it shows now.
Cheers Smile