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Full Version: debian openbox for xbmc base?
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anyone here use debian as the base of their htpc/xbmc? I have recently started using crunchbang on my laptop and was looking into doing a debian net/minimal w/openbox on my htpc. Wondering if anyone else has attempted it and how it worked
If you are a non religious person, choose one of the ubuntu minimal installs. See the sticky posts in that linux forum. It will save you a lot of trouble.
I use Debian for everything, including my HTPC. I use LXDE without a display manager (LXDE is started directly on X), then run XBMC as a normal application. Only downside to using Debian is that you'll need to compile XBMC yourself, though it's not that bad since you get the chance to disable all the features you don't use.
is ubuntu minimal an easier setup than debian? I was just thinking debian because it seems so stable, which seemed great for something I want to set up once every few years
if you don't want to compile xbmc, use ubuntu 14.04 LTS minimal or xbmcbuntu 13
Agreed, there are 'issues' with debian. I respect their position the various things and don't want to start another religious war on distro philosophies, but when it comes to a media machine, I just want the damn thing to work and ubuntu minimal will do that!
cool thanks ubuntu minimal it is