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Full Version: Cannot Delete Rars
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Why is it you cannot delete rar files from within xbmc i have some shows in rar files that i watch and then delete now i can easily extract them but sometimes easier to just watch straigh from the rar file however i cannot seem to delete these from within xbmc i have to exit and manually navigate to that folder and delete them in explorer why is that

Also while i am asking why is it that you have to exit xbmc and open it again to refresh a folder

I have mapped some shared network folders to my favourites for videos i watch once then delete this opens them up in file mode however if i download something new whilst xbmc is open i have to exit and open again to view them to watch
Do you have delete files enabled in XBMC?

I dont have to exit XBMC to refresh a folder and use network shares as well I might have to go up one folder and back in to refresh but not exit XBMC altogether.

What version are you running? can you post a debug when you try and delete a file?
1. Yes i have delete files enabled

2. I am running latest Gotham Beta 2 on Windows 8.1
can you post a debug_log (wiki) of when you try and delete the rar?