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Full Version: Wol wakes up computer unintended
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Hi, i am using Gotham beta 1 and have setup the new wol funtion. I have two servers in the network. When i open series or movies menu the wol funtion is used to wake up my server which i think it should't.

0:19:42 T:2836 NOTICE: WakeOnAccess [DEROCK] trigged by accessing : smb://DEROCK/Disk/WD2_3S/Series/24/banner.jpg

I didn't even look into the 24 entry in series. This shouldn't happen it should access the files locally on the client.

Also all computers are woken when i do a update of the video library. Which i think shouldn't do. The update function should only access servers which are awake. Because if you have auto update, or want to refresh only one server, all the servers are still woken up everytime.

20:19:58 T:1176 NOTICE: Thread VideoInfoScanner start, auto delete: false
20:19:58 T:1176 NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan ..
20:19:58 T:1176 NOTICE: WakeOnAccess [DEROCK] trigged by accessing : smb://DEROCK/Disk/SG3_2M/Movies/

I think a wol packet should only be sent when you want to play a movie, serie episode or music...
Then the server will only wake up when necessary. Now all servers will be awake even when not used.
point of discussion as i would certainly disagree.
i want to scan my servers which had been running this night and now are a sleep. this to see if i got new content which some one else could have added.

also it seems that you are using some skin which is directly accessing the artwork instead of the cache ones in your database.
this should prevent them from waking up
Maybe the wake when scan should be an option (in menu or advancesettings)
I am using standard skin of gotham. No other skin installed. I don't now why it would want to access the jpg file, it shouldn't be needed.