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Full Version: Duplicate Channels but for Different Regions
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I've been using Tvheadend for a few years now and have recently rebuilt my media server following some hardware upgrades. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 x64 and Tvheadend v3.4.28 with the Aeon MQ5 skin and have a few minor issues:-

1) I rescanned all the channels and enabled the option to use the SID as the channel number. When looking at Tvheadend through the browser, it lists the channels as follows:-

101 - BBC One
101 - RTE One
102 - BBC Two
102 - RTE Two HD
103 - ITV
103 - ITV Border
103 - ITV Wales
103 - STV
103 - UTV HD

I've looked up RTE One and its a Sky IE / Ireland channel. Therefore I'm guessing that this issue is linked to question 1. I'm just not too sure what to do to resolve it / remove the duplicates that I'm not interested in.

My Sky News channel isn't listed like those above, there isn't a Sky News UK and a Sky News IE, just Sky News which seems to default to IE.

2) When I look at the channel list in XBMC, it only goes up to channel 477, it doesn't display anything above that number. Sky News that should be on 501 I've had to put on 1 so that I know where it is in the list of TV channels. Also, the channel list doesn't start at 101, it starts at 1 and goes up to 477 and doesn't following the numbering that is shown when I look at the channel list in the web broswer.

3) How does Tvheadend merge 2 channels such as Sky News UK and Sky News IE and then decide which one to use? Sky News is pretty much all I watch and even though the Sky IE adverts are a lot 'happier' than the UK adverts, I have to admit it gets on my nerves seeing everything priced in Euros. Is there a way to change this please? There's probably a setting I've overlooked during the rebuild of the system.

I'm confused Confused Any advice would be appreciated please.
is this satellite or terrestrial?
Its Free-to-air channels over satellite.
OK, which satellite?
I'm not at home at the moment but Astra 28E I think.
Googling Astra 28E on lyngsat brings up a lot of results and I am confused. However why don't you just go into the tvheadend web setup pages and delete the channels you don't want.
This is all normal.
Have a look on the tvheadend forums regarding sky channel lists.
Someone has made a nice script that after you input your region in the script will work just as a sky box would (ignoring the irrelevant channels and numbering them as per Sky numbering convention, including all icons etc).
Unfortunately there are a lot of channels that aren't FTA so to delete them would take a while and I was hoping for something more automated.

However the script to configure the channels by region, and download the icons looks excellent so I'll give that a whirl at the weekend when I've next got some free time.

Many thanks for the advice everyone Big Grin
you'll need to upgrade tvheadend to the latest version then the script mentioned above will work.

but on the version you have running you can click on the encryption tab to arrange by the encryption and just select all the ones with empty fields to map.

but by upgrading you'll have 2 more options for not including encrypted channels

1. when your mapping the channels just make sure the "Include encrypted Services" is not ticked. this will ignore encrypted channels while you map them.
2. in services right click on the encrypted column name then filter and choose "NO" . this will hide all encrypted channels before you map them.

if you want to do it after mapping them all you'll need to delete them 1 by 1.