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Full Version: Install xbmc to usb and run it on any computer
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Hey is it possible to install xbmc on my usb and just put it in another computer and run the .exe? i tried it but i get tons of errors because im guessing it installs the missing .dlls onto the computers hard drive and not the usb. i do not want to boot from the flash drive because i want to just give my teacher the xbmc folder with all the addons in it from the hub wizard and have him open it from the folder.


But you either need to make a shortcut on every computer to make sure you start in portable.
Or use something like a .bat file on your usb that has something like:

start /d ".\files\xbmc" xbmc.exe -p

Where .\files\xbmc is the path to your .exe from your .bat file.