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Full Version: XBMC Friendly Formats?
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Hi - New to XBMC, but excited to try it out. Here is my setup

-Android (Minix android box)
-Wifi - Unfortunetly can't hardwire it
-Gotham (Is this the best version for Android? I heard about BeyondXBMC and couple of other versions)

I have large collection of blue-rays that I want to rip. So given my above setup, what is the best video/audio codec + bitrate I should use to avoid jitter? Is there a file format that is friendly to my current setup. I would like to keep as much quality as possible, but I'm realistic and not video/audio snub. I just want it to work smoothly while retaining as much quality as possible.

Are you limited in storage? If not then make a lossless rip to mkv. MakeMKV does a good job at this, but there are other options.

As for quality transcoding, that's more dependent on the software and particular settings being used.

Also Android can't display a movie at it's intended frame rate so there will be issues there for quality playback, but this may be a moot point as you would also need a television capable of displaying properly to.
Thanks for the quick reply.

I should have mentioned size, but yes I would like to keep it small as possible. I have 1TB HD, and it can fill up pretty quickly if it is 1-1 rip. I have seen other rips online (unspeakable places), and they get blue rays in the 1-4GB range.
1080p rips are typically 10 - 15Gb. 720p is something around 5Gb.