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Full Version: Frodo -> Gotham - different workload?
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There is something caught my eyes relating the workload differences in Frodo and Gotham:
I'm using XBMC on a
PC with Windows 8.1, AMD Radeon HD 7950 and a watercooled Intel I5 3570K with Aeon MQ5 and on a
Macbook Air from mid 2011 (without dedicated graphics card) with standard Confluence skin.

So when I'm running Frodo on my PC it is absolutely quiet. There is no CPU fan and the graphics card fan is very quiet.
Running Frodo on the Macbook the fan is always loud.

Now comes the strange thing:
Running Gotham on both devices the opposite is true:
The graphics card fan on the PC turns up, but the Macbook stays quiet.

What's the reason for that?
Usually I'd say ok, I'll run Frodo on the PC and Gotham on the Macbook, but that's not possible because of the shared database...

Any ideas to get both devices quiet? :-)