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Full Version: Confluence - OSD Subtitle Download Popup change
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I use XBMC with a mouse all the time. The issue I am having is the four icons in the bottom right corner of the screen (Subtitles, Video Settings, Audio Settings and Bookmarks) when watching a video.

If I pass the mouse over the Video, Audio and Bookmark icons, they light up, but I have to click on them to get to the actual settings screens.

However, if I pass the mouse over the Subtitles icons, a Download box pops up with an option to Download subtitles. Since I really intended to click on the video playing progress bar, I have to click somewhere else and then carefully go back and select the progress bar position I originally wanted.

So the question is then....... is it possible to modify one of the xml files (don't know which one yet) to make the subtitle icon act like the other three icons (just light up and require a click to get to the settings options)?