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Full Version: Volume in XBMC declining on it's own?
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Hello! New user here. I've been using Xbmc for about two years, had eden, frodo, and just updated to Gotham.

I haven't had this problem before, and decided to post about it because I was unable to find any information on this issue.
I've tried uninstalling, checking my keyboard driver, even disconnecting my keyboard.

After opening Xbmc, the volume is automatically set to mute. When I go into the audio options to increase the volume, it emits sound for a few brief seconds but quickly reduces volume to being on mute again.

I've tried checking my audio settings... I'm not exactly sure what to look for though. I can try to record a video if it helps.
Any ideas what might be causing this?


P.S Thanks to all the devs and contributors this program rocks.
XBMC -> Settings -> System -> Input devices -> and disable joystick support. Could be an accelerometer (laptop) or something weird being seen as a "joystick".
thank you Ned that worked Smile
That did indeed work! Thank you so much.