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Full Version: Where is "Circular 10750" for the LNB in the 3.9
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Seeing as im stuck with 3.9 for now, but i cannot get it to work as the required LNB setting is not available.

"Circular 10750"
You need to post more information before anyone can help you. 3.9 of what? What backend software are you using?

I'm assuming you are not in North America because we mostly don't use circular here.

(For anyone else that wonders what he's talking about, a LNB is the part that goes at the end of the arm on a satellite dish. 10750 is a frequency commonly used for Ku Band, which requires a smaller dish than the big C-band ones, but not quite as small as the smallest ones used by commercial services such as Dish Network, DirecTV, Bell, Shaw, etc. I'm guessing he's trying to pick up some kind of Free-To-Air signals, and since he's interested in circular polarization, probably in Europe or somewhere outside North America.)
^ Obviously he means 3.9.xxx of tvheadend lol Smile
He's referring the option for choosing the LNB type, the circular option used to be available in 3.4.xxx
Adam commented on this I believe on the official tvheadend forums, think you have to do something in the advanced field for circular LNB at the moment...could be wrong though, it's not an issue affecting me so didn't really take it in.
I found the answer last nigth here:


As the previous post, it has moved under "Advanced" just not obvious where to find it.