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Full Version: List of PVR features and improvements
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The "discuss improvements to the PVR section" thread is getting out of hand since it's so long so me and xhaggi thought it would be best to gather everything that is not a bug (thus reportable on trac) here. Feel free to edit this thread if you come up with something that's not on the list.

  • database: use of database datetime in pvr tables instead of int/long.
  • use "confirm channel switches with OK" when switching with up/down too, not just when using the "select number" dialog (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1725105)
  • improve EPG load performance
  • 3D detection for tv channels
  • make it possible for addons to read XBMC settings, like how far the user wants EPG data (this way the addon could request the appropriate amount from the backend)
  • extend API to allow XBMC to ask the addon if a particular channel can be switched to or not. This way untunable channels could be greyed out in the channel list, or optionally if a grey one is pressed a dialog would ask the user to confirm that whoever else is watching will be disconnected. Furthermore the API should be extended so that timer conflicts can be displayed prominently (e.g. if five different channels are scheduled at the same time slot but there are only two tuners available). The backend would most likely have to decide which three programmes in this case will be missed.
  • add filter option to hide watched recordings, as we have in video window
  • add ability for backends to specify a recording sub-directory thumbnail image
  • info pop up in live tv view when stopping a recording
  • refactor/cleanup of parental check's (move out of CDVDPlayer etc.)
  • add a new timer type "switch channel" to switch to the selected channel on the specified start time

NOTE: Not all features are listed below, you'll find all pending PR's here

NOTE: You'll find the complete list of merged PR's here