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Full Version: Can I use my XBMC machine as a Server as well?
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Hi there,

i am new to XBMC and i wonder if it is possible to use my XBMC computer as a server.

Here's my setup:

Living room: Intel NUC DN2820FYKH with openelec and XBMC Gotham. 2.5" 2TB Toshiba HDD attached.

Bedroom: Samsung Smart TV with integrated Mediaplayer.

Is it possible to access the video files of the HDD that is attached to the NUC from my TV in the bedroom?
Yes - switch UPnP on in XBMC and your TV will see it on the network, ask it for a library of files, and present those to you for playing.

Be aware that TV codec/container support is patchy at best. Samsung is one of the better ones, but you may have problems with certain video/audio streams or container types - for example, everything plays MPEG2 and MP3 in .avi, but not everything plays H.264 and 7.1 AC3 in .mkv.