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Full Version: Stop TVheadend HTSP client: connection lost Warnings
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Is there anyway to prevent these annoying warnings every 5 seconds? There is an option in PVR settings to show connection lost warning but this seems to do nothing.

The problem I have is that I have a HTPC in my bedroom without a DVB tuner, Tvheadend on this machine points to my server for the DVB feed. But if im just wanting to watch a movie or play some music I don't always have my server on but then I have to turn it on to stop these annoying warnings even though I dont want to watch TV.

This is infuriating one warning would suffice why it needs to be every 5 seconds constantly.

Any ideas?

Workaround that worked for me: exit XMBC and restart it. The annoying message should appear only once.
There's got to be a better way to stop these. Once on start up would be fine why it needs to repeat every 5 seconds is beyond me. My current solution is to go in settings and turn off PVR then enable it again when I want TV but shouldn't have to be doing that.

Try PVR.tvh
(2014-05-24, 14:50)adamsutton Wrote: [ -> ]Try PVR.tvh

+ 1

I use this on 3-4 machines, including a laptop if in in the garden etc. I no longer get that warning and its more reliable for wireless usage.
Hi can you tell me what this is please? done a google search but not found much info.

Adam has rewritten the tvh addon - its not part of xbmc as yet, you have to download it separately
There is information on it here. http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=187521