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Full Version: Dynamic Range Compression Audio
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Well we meet again my own post .... here with an update! ....
"Hey. I was wondering if any of you messed with  LADSPA  compressor or know what one of these control params is best for 'night mode'.  Although my setup has changed here at the house I don't feel like the setting "control=1,1.5,401,-30,20,5,12" is working or aggressive enough  ... I also wonder how I can test to make sure its even working at all .. maybe set  Amplitude (dB) to something low or high ? 

It's all very simple: I am asking for a feature that limits the top and the bottom to the audio.
Say I want to limit the bottom to 50db so that I don't miss out on the whispers and limit the top to 70db so the neighbors are not a part of my Marvel movies explosions.
That's it. That's all. Limit the top decibels and the bottom decibels.
Movies are made for the big theater that all have agreed to the huge decibel experience. But at home, the same decibels are intrusive to the neighbors or even to people in another room.
Call it what you want to "Limiter" or whatever but that is what I want the feature to do and I think lots of people would welcome an audio limiter.
Don't dismiss me and tell me to adjust my tv or my sound system or move my speakers. I'm asking for a feature incorporated into the Kodi player to limit the top and the bottom decibels so I don't get an explosion of sound that wakes up the neighbors.
It might even save a lot of marriages where one sleeps and the other watches movies.
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