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Full Version: [RELEASE] Remote XBMC Tools (Script) - Control XLink Kai
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sorry in advance if i have the wrong forum. this one appeared to be the place where it would fit in the most. anyway. . .

remote xbmc tools is a client/server program. its designed to interact between your xbox and pc and integration of xlink kai within xbox media center to provide a set of remote commands that can be run on your pc.

commands supported by remote xbmc tools include :

·the ability to stop a session of xlink kai that is currently running on your pc.
·the ability to start / restart a session of xlink kai on your pc.
·the ability to log your computer off.
·the ability to restart your computer.
·the ability to shutdown your computer.

alternatively, if you do not wish to use the xlink kai integration functionality that this offers, you can still use this program to remotely logoff, restart, or shutdown your pc when you have completed your intended tasks between xbox media center and your pc, e.g. streaming video etc.
this is based in part on another script that is available for xbox media center called shutdownpconlan. i couldn't find an email address for the original author but he deservedly get a slice of the credit as well.
its curently available for download at http://members.iinet.net.au/~christhomps...tsetup.exe
a listing on xbmcscripts will appear shortly.

sounds great! :thumbsup:
now i can start my xlink kai engine directly from xbmc whenever i need it?? cooool .. :kickass:

i will try it out .. currently i am running also the shutdownpconlan script, which then i will not need anymore..

thanks for this.
hi jimity,

first, i want to thank you for remote xbmc tools! it is really a good tool to start xlink remotely! Smile

but i also have found a very big issue:

the problem is, that when running remote xbmc tools on my pc the program uses 100% cpu all the time! so my cpu is getting really hot.. i have restarted my pc, tried everything. but the program remains on 100% cpu load when started!

could you please fix this? because otherwise it is really useless if the pc has 100% all the time .. Confused

thanks in advance.

hi scape,

ohhh. . . crap. . . :verysad:
thanks for the headsup Smile

i'm looking at it now and your right. i'm testing a few ideas at the moment. hopefully i'll have something rather soon. i'll let you know how it goes.
also, ditch the setup installer.. there is absolutely no need for that crap unless you're trying to hide stuff in it.. best package would contain a compiled exe with whatever dependencies, sourcecode, script and readme..
just a general headsup to all who are reading this post, this issue now appears to have been fixed. initial tests have shown cpu usage in windows task manager running at normal idle levels while remote xbmc tools is running. i recommend that everyone who is running remote xbmc tools download and install the updated beta, that is now available, as soon as possible.
you should be able to re-install this straight over the top of your current installation without losing the information in your settings file.

got your reply email scape. thanks again for picking this one up :d
thanks for the advice triggernum. if this is what everyone would like available in general through more of the same requests, i should be able to make a cut down download also available on the website for the version 1.0 release which, depending on whether there are more issues with the current beta should be very soon.
the setup installer was just a way of making sure the end user had the needed system files in order to run the server side program, as well as making it simple for any "novice" computer users out there to install the package easily. i think it also looks a bit more professional Smile

first, thanks for the 100% cpu fix! now it works great! :kickass:
although i have some feature suggestions:

include an option in the .py script to define how long the user wants to wait for restarting xbmc after xlink has been started by your script. the default setting is 30sec and for me it is simply too long. my xlink on the pc is already running after 5-7 sec. so it would be very nice if the user can configure the waiting time in the .py script directly!

include an option in the dialog after xlink has been started from your script if the user want to restart xbmc or not! because xlink is also working if the user doesn't restart xbmc!
you just have to start xlink by your script, then abort the timeout so it gives you an error. then xbmc is not restarting. just go to my programs and click on xlink. then xbmc asks you if you want to connect to xlink and you click on yes. then xlink is working just fine without having to restart xbmc completely!
so an dialog to ask the user if he wants to restart xbmc would be very nice instead of just forcing to do a restart. Wink

move the option "start/restart xlink" to the top of your script, as i think is more intuitive if it is the first option!
then the second is "stop xlink kai" and then the other options.

i also found a bug during the setup but rxbmct is working either just fine:
the setup installer always fails during the installation with the current error:


an error occured while trying to replace the existing file:
deletefile failed: code32.
the process cannot acces the file, because it is being in use by another process.

if i ignore the error, the setup continues and remote xbmc tools is working just fine. but the error is a little bit confusing.
i am using windows xp home with service pack 2.

perhaps you could really supply the whole package as a .exe package-only without installer.
or if you want to do it with installer, please let the user specify in which directory he wants to install rxbmct as it always installs to c:\program files\remote xbmc tools (beta).
and i have a sub-diretory under c:\program files for \xbox where i store all my xbox apps Wink

but anyway, keep up the great work! it is simply a very great script! thank you. Cool
well its been a while :d over the past month i’ve been working with scape’s suggestions and input to get over some small layout, functionality, and procedural refinements on remote xbmc tools. as a result, a full release of remote xbmc tools v1.0 is now available.

the program is available for download in two forms. the recommended form is via an installer package. the alternate form, for those more experienced users out there, is via a “barebones” zip file that includes all the necessary files in order to run remote xbmc tools v1.0.

i recommend the installer package as i feel it is a more professional, streamlined, way of installing remote xbmc tools v1.0 as a whole.

for those using the beta version(s) of remote xbmc tools, i recommend that you fully uninstall this package (including any client files located on your xbox) before installing remote xbmc tools v1.0. this is because remote xbmc tools v1.0 will install to a slightly different folder location than the beta version(s). also remote xbmc tools v1.0 uses some slightly re-worded variable strings that could cause confusion to any beta version that is currently installed, as well as to the client files that are installed on your xbox. as a result of this, you will need to re-specify the configuration settings of remote xbmc tools after the v1.0 install. this should be the only time you will ever need to do this.

again thanks to scape for all the help and recommendations he has given to this project in order to get it into a v1.0 release – especially with some of the commands within the client script that i otherwise would have been unable to find.
url for downloading remote xbmc tools:

sweet program :kickass:

is it possible to my a system service rather than to load the app?
justin: i am running remote xbmc tools as an system service. for this i use the program called "firedaemon" .. just try it, it works ..
but it is not the recommended way for using remote xbmc tools.
thanks scape Smile
was just about to say the same thing. i'm experimenting with it at the moment too to see for myself.
does anyone still have a copy of this app ? .. all the download links are broken , sorry to bump such an old thread :]
Please, can you provide me a copy of this appp ? Or say me where i can download it cause i'm not able to find nothing on the web (each link is broken).