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Full Version: system reboots on gotham
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over the weekend i upgraded from OE 3.2.4 to OE 4.0.2 and almost immediately began getting random system reboots. sometimes playback would go 20 minutes before rebooting, other times i would be browsing the settings and it would reboot. falling back to 3.2.4 fixes things but that's not exactly a fix. i also tried OE 4.0.0 to see if falling back to 13.0 stable rather than a 13.1 beta had any affect but it also rebooted. next i installed ubuntu 14.04, nvidia-304 and gotham from the stable repo and have the same issue there. it all sounds like a hardware issue somewhere except for the fact that 3.2.4 works flawlessly. memtest86 also showed no issues. after switching back to 3.2.4 overnight i set it to play an entire season of a show and it was still playing when i woke up.

here is a log during which the system randomly rebooted. interestingly the log was actually incomplete when i went to upload it. it didn't even show playback starting. however i had been tailing the log over ssh to see if anything caught my eye so i was able to append what else i had. i would love some input as to where to diagnose from here. i'm at a loss at this point.
I would search OpenELEC logs instead of XBMC ones if they're incomplete. Maybe dmesg or the kernel log could have a trace of what makes your system reboot.
i did pull the dmesg logs but didn't see anything.


i'm currently back on 3.2.4 so that we could actually use xbmc last night Smile i won't have any time to experiment tonight but hopefully will tomorrow.

edit: those logs are from 14.04 ubuntu + xbmc, not OE.