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Full Version: Replace 'Shutdown menu call' to Direct shutdown Command
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Hello Guy's

I just updated to the newest XBMCBuntu version (14 with gotham)
I did a backup of my setting but unfortunately not all was correct.

Because I want to shutdown my system directly with my remote control when I push the powerbutton, I want to replace the 'shutdown menu' call for a direct shutdown command.
In my previous install (Frodo) I could find this 'Menu Call' in the Home.xml (Confluence - mod) and worked perfectly.
But with gotham I use the Hybrid skin and I can find where this 'Shutdown menu call' is done when I press the Power OFF button on my Harmony remote.
(IR code is still the same as before)

I also can't get MCEremote running due to some dependency's are not OK, Confused?

So is there any body out the who point me the way......Frown

just map the button to the ShutDown action
I can confirm Wsnipex suggestion works for me! Lola