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Full Version: Which distro ?
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I am using quite a low powered machine and have recently installed ubuntu 14.04.
I find it very slow and it takes a few seconds just to launch xbmc.

All I need from my o/s is for it to have a browser (firefox) and run xbmc.I don't use the computer for anything else.

Is there a better distro for me ?
I have had issues with sound and nvidia drivers in the past so please bear that in mind

I'd start with a lower-overhead 'buntu - Xubuntu is a good choice. The reason I'd stick with 'buntu out of choice is the support and the official repositories for XBMC and others.

If that doesn't work, then Lubuntu is lower again (it's all down to the window manager - Unity vs xfce vs LDE - and what eye candy/features it gives, what CPU overhead that has, what services are running, how much RAM it takes, and so on).

If that still doesn't work for you then have a look at OpenElec with this: http://openelec.tv/forum/chromium-browse...repository

And if that still doesn't work, then I'll defer to someone else... I don't know if you can self-build on DSL or similar, it's years since I used a really skinny distro.
If you have some experience with the command line and configuring things without a GUI then I might suggest trying out Arch Linux. A distro that doesn't make any assumptions about how you want to use it.
I'd endorse openelec.
Xbmcbuntu is a good choice too. Have it auto login to openbox session instead of the xbmc session. If you're using Firefox to watch online streams I'd say keep away from openelc as it doesn't have pipelight which, imo, is far superior to the Linux version of flash, but if you dont need flash/silverlight then openelec is a good choice.
If you don't have much knowledge in configuring a Linux system, I would say to go with OpenElec.
If you know how Linux work and what do you need on your system, I would say to go with Arch Linux.
And if you really want to configure your distro to run the best way possible while keeping it skinny, I would say to go with Gentoo.
I've gone with lubuntu for the time being.It definitely feels more sprightly than ubuntu.

I do indeed use firefox for streaming so I need flash player.
I've used pepper in the past.Is that still the preferred option ?
I had never heard of pipelight til now.Do I need that too ?

I've just discovered adobe flash player is available,should I use that ?

Just to update,I installed adobe flash player and it seems to be working ok.
Only thing I need to sort out now is the sound,got stereo but need to get the surround sound working.

Linux flash wont play any drm'd streams unless you install HAL which isn't in the Ubuntu repos.
(2014-05-29, 22:55)teeedubb Wrote: [ -> ]Linux flash wont play any drm'd streams unless you install HAL which isn't in the Ubuntu repos.

That's unlikely to be an issue for me,cheers
OpenELEC Generic X86_64bits + Chromium addon is all you need Wink
(2014-05-29, 23:36)Nasp Wrote: [ -> ]OpenELEC Generic X86_64bits + Chromium addon is all you need Wink

I much prefer firefox to chrome/chromium