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Full Version: Not playing files on network folder
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Ive got a weird issue where all of a sudden XBMC stopped playing files that i have shared across the network.

So the setup is:
Mediacenter with xbmc
NAS running on ubuntu
Desktop pc with windows 7

Now what started as off last night i cant play anything from the main shared folder on my windows pc anymore through xbmc. However i can still play movie files fine from the subfolders in there as well as from the shared NAS.
Ive checked the windows sharing settings, nothings changed there, i even tried creating a new folder, copying the contents off the old one to the new and sharing that and it still results in the same thing, mainfolder wont play subfolders will. Anyone have any idea about this?

Starting XBMC (12.2 Git:32b1a5e), Platform: Linux (Ubuntu 12.10 - XBMCbuntu, 3.5.0-44-generic i686). Built on May 2
This info i got from the logfile guess it tells you all about the version im running (the build was on May 2 last year)
Ok not sure how or what exactly but apparently, after removing a certain password protected rar archive from the folder all seems normal again.