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Full Version: MS-Tech MC-80 App exit button on remote not working
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!!!!This Thread can be closed, I'm a Idiot. The Back Button isn't the "App Exit" Button... This was falsely configured under Openelec which made m think it should work this way!!!!!

Hi there!

I installed XBMC using tzhe minimal ubuntu installation script here. Everything works great but I have one minor Problem though. I'm using a MS-TECH MC-80 case with a built in IR reciever and a remote. Everything I need is working on the remote how I want it too but what I can't use anymore is the back button.

When I used XBMC under an Openelec installation there was a button on my remote called "App exit" which worked just like a back button to get back to the main menu or to get back from settings i.e. . Can you tell me what I could do to make the button work again? Many thanks in advance!