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Full Version: progstreaming.com
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I have attempted to write this addon myself ... but lost my last hair in trying...

Quote:Progstreaming is a website where everyone can listen to the latest progressive rock releases in their entirety, from the moment of a record’s release onwards for a maximum of two months.

Progstreaming unites listeners and artists. Listeners will discover new music and artists will have a unique opportunity to promote their product.

Would anyone from you brilliant coders be interested in creating an addon allowing us to listen to these albums in XBMC?


That would be great!

A playback option, and the possibility to mark albums listened to, maybe also with (local) rating. These possibilities are missing on the web site.

The MP3 files are easily accessible for playback (and also for download, but that would not be polite)
Still interested in this addon?

I've made one - My first ever Kodi addon and Python script, not sure if I want to make it public... Smile
Oh sure you will have to publish it sique now, like tonite! Smile
Ok, it's published ...