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Full Version: What build of openelec should i use on my NUC?
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I have Intel NUC 2820 and i wonder what build of openelec should i use ?
should i use the generic builds or the Intel builds (http://openelec.tv/get-openelec/download...tel-builds)

BTW, i've installed openelec on my USB stick and connected it to the USB 3 port but it is extremely slow (takes few minutes to boot and a minute to open settings). do you have any idea what can it be?

please advise
Generic x86_64 and try another USB flash drive if its slow.
Specific Intel builds have been retired - all new ones for Intel are the generic ones, so that's your choice unless you want to use an older version.

And +1 to the speed - mine is all on SSD, and takes a matter of seconds to boot - maybe < 30s from cold.
I boot my NUC of a USB 3.0 stick plugged into a 2.0 port. Boot time is about 30 seconds or less. Do some research and buy a fast stick, not just a random one laying around the house.