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Full Version: How to get the built-in function PlayMedia() to open a playlist view
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I'm trying to edit the default Confluence skin in order to add a new item on the home screen. My goal is to add the TV channels provided by my ISP, Free; the ISP provides a .m3u playlist of their channels, which lists rtsp streams, and is dynamically updated when channels come and go.

This can be seen here: http://www.free.fr/assistance/2236.html

Most guides online direct you to IPTV services, but I'm already using TVheadend for DVB-T in that regard. Hence, I'd rather use the M3U instead of the iptv "hack".

I've successfully added a new item in the home screen, with the following onclick action:

The element successfully loads the M3U playlist, and its first item (the first rtsp channel) starts playing immediately. So, it works in essence, but doesn't have the behavior I expect. It makes picking a channel a bit hard.

Is there a way to load a playlist view instead of starting payback right away?