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Full Version: thunbnails
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The problem I'm having is that for some reason I'm not getting any Thumbs showing on my Movie Placeholders, all it seems to show is a still from the movie....Can someone please help.

I run gotham 13.0.
A thumb IS a still from the movie.

What exactly do you mean ?
I mean that if iam going under movies that it dont show a Picture of the movie.
In Gotham, movies for the most part have a "poster" (typically from a scraped URL or a local file of moviefilename-poster.jpg) and if that is missing, it will fallback to a "thumb" (typically a captured still frame from the movie file), and if that is missing it will fallback to an "icon" set by the skin. They should be set when you scrape the movie. If for some reason they didn't, you can enter the info screen for any movie and from there set the poster and thumb art manually. If there isn't any remote (URL) or local art available, you can create your own poster using the file naming convention, or use the artwork downloader addon (requires movies to each be in their own folders).

scott s.