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Full Version: Offsetting time zone to differ from system time on Android (FireTV)
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I eventually discovered XBMC after my brother has been telling me for years I should try it and needless to say, I’m hooked.
I’m running my XBMC installations on (5) Fire TVs! Probably because the Amazon FireTV is only supposed to be used in the USA (currently), the FireTV only allows one to set the time zone to a few time zones relevant in that part of the world.
I would prefer XBMC to display the time, but obviously the correct time in for my location.
It does however not seem possible to manually set the time zone in the Android version of XBMC.
I've looked at many threads relating to "time", but was unable to find a solution.

Is there a way (probably by setting a time zone offset somewhere in a file) to get the Android version of XBMC to display a different time to the system time and if so, which file(s) should be changed to accomplish that?

Thanks in advance.
Download "Time Zone Changer" from the Google Play Store or from somewhere on the internet (it's a free app) and sideload it the same way you sideloaded XBMC. I don't have a FireTV myself, but it seems a number of people have had luck using the Time Zone Changer app.
Thanks so much Ned - Works like a charm.