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Full Version: Issue in 13.1?
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Hi guys.
Upgraded XBMC in my Nexus 7 last night. Activated PVR with enigma plugin. When i watch live tv some of the channels ain't in full screen.
I know the setting for stretch image to fullscreen but on my Nexus 4 with XBMC 13.0 I just have view mode set at normal. I also have XBMCBuntu on my kitchen TV with XBMC 13.0 and view mode normal, it shows full screen.
This show my Nexus 7 (13.1) and my Nexus 4 (13.0)
Same settings in view mode. And what happen to Deinterlace video option?
Info on exact same video stream taken at the sametime from my XBMCUbuntu (13.0)
This is the same channel but in HD and this is in full screen on my Nexus 7 (13.1)

Couldn't get the imgur to show. Think I did something wrong.