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Full Version: Scrapper failing on select shows
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I have searched up and down for a solution to this issue I am having with no luck so far!

I use TheRenamer to name and organize all of my TV/Movies. Normally I toss media through the app, go to xbmc and update library, then boom my content is ready. However with Game of Thrones and Silicon valley this is not the case. Neither show is showing up in my library.

On xbmc 11 I was able to get around this by running those two shows through EMM, and whatever information it was able to find was enough for XBMC to pick them up. But I recently upgraded to 13 and this workaround is no longer working.

An example file path is \Media\TV\Show Name\Season#\Name of Show.SxxExx.episode name.extension

I have tried doing different name variations, removing the episode name, and just now I tried XEM. Nothing works for picking these shows up. Please give me some direction!