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Full Version: Can another xbmc device complete the SQL library?
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I have an openelec raspberry pi. This is my only xbmc I'm using right now. I recently moved, and my network setup has changed. That meant I had to remove my library and rebuild it again.
The library has grown quite large, so it is taking the pi quite long to do this rebuild. It already found all files, but it's taking ages for it to add all the details.

Is it possible to start xbmc on my desktop, point it to the sale SQL, and make it complete the library details? The PC has a lot more power, so it shouldn't take as long.
Or will the PC only search for the details of items it added itself?

Yep, that should work just fine.

I was just trying it, but can't get my NFS share to work in Windows Sad

I'm using a Synology NAS, the insecure locks are off. I can see the NFS share in XBMC, but can't open it.
debug log (wiki)
I don't think there is a lot of info in the log.

I'm using exact same advancedsettings and sources files on the Pi.


I also installed XBMCBuntu on a spare desktop and on my Android. Same result... The Pi does have access to the NFS exports, other devices don't :S
don't post logs on the forum. use pastebin.com