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Full Version: [Request to Forum] Polling users on new XBMC release
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First I want to congratulate the XBMC team on a new release, Gotham 13.1.

As a very shy/conservative user I always wait for the final release to upgrade my XBMC. Now we have 13.1 released and I am about to perform the upgrade, only that I see some of the latest posts and I get concerned my Frodo experience will be broken. I already had a bad migration from Eden to Frodo, having to rescrape manually most of my music library.
I know that statistically only (or mostly) users with problems will post their complains, and there is a big silent majority that applies succesfully the upgrade. I would be so much reassured if every time the team releases a new version it also puts out a poll in this forum to sense how many people have experienced problems and how many are perfectly content.
I would post such a poll myself, but I don't see any option to post a poll and also I am suggesting to make it a fixed step of every release, so it would be beter if it is officially posted by a team memeber or forum moderator.
My suggestion is to have at least 4 o 5 buckets like this:

Please respond to this poll after 1 week of usign the new version
1. I experienced no problems at all

2. I experienced some minor problems which I was able to overcome by myself

3. I experienced some problems which I was able to fix by getting help from this forum/the web.

4. I experienced problems that I cannot solve, none of them serious enough to stop me from using XBMC

5. I experienced serious problems that I cannot solve and that prevent me from using XBMC in a minimum enjoyable way.

The purpose of this poll would not be to solve any actual problem, just to give us users a sense how bumpy the upgrade might be and what is the level of penetration of the new version.