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Full Version: Simplicity for Gotham and Helix
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sadly, I don't have time to update Simplicity for Gotham. With that being said, work has been done toward that objective and the version on the svn repo is 85% updated to Gotham requirements. If anyone is willing to do it, they can contact me and I'll point out what needs to be done. The time estimate of the work is about 4-5 hours imho. (you might ask "why I don't do it since it's only 4-5 hours?" --> 2 kids and a new job makes it very hard to have 30-45min of contiguous time....).

SVN repo : https://code.google.com/p/simplicity-xbm...e/checkout


So I've been using Simplicity for Gotham since around July (not sure who got it working for Gotham, but I'm pretty sure I pulled the version from your google code). It's a great simple skin that I use for my Kid's profile. I just upgraded to Kodi Helix and had to make some changes to the skin to make it work. I've moved it over to github, well, because I like git way more than SVN.

If you don't mind, I'd like to continue development on it. I've tried to document the history of the skin in the README, but it's probably incomplete. If you can supply any further authors, I'll add it in there (or you can just change it and submit a pull request).

GitHub: https://github.com/ac3d912/kodi.skin.simplicitiy

Excellent news! Smile

The skin was compatible with the XBMC repository. You might be interested to submit it to the offical repo, so that more (a lot more!) users could use it. My guess is that minimal work would be needed (if at all) fot the official repo. You can still develop on yout git repo and only subbit specific version to the official repo.
Submitting_Add-ons (wiki)

The skin was originally developed by igotdvds, I merely updated it with some features, etc.. for Eden and Frodo version of XBMC.

I'll take a look at it for sure, I was beginning to miss Simplicity (especially for the kid's profile).

Thanks for you efforts!

ps. indeed, git is better than svn imho too! (now that I learned git...).
Alright, well for anyone reading this, there is a Beta release on Github (https://github.com/ac3d912/kodi.skin.sim.../v4.0.0-b1). It should work great with Helix (I'm using it now), but I don't have PVR so I'm not sure if that works.

If there are no issues reported here or on Github in a few days, I'll do a final release and publish it to the official Kodi repo.

Thanks for your work on keeping this skin alive Balinus. I've got a couple of little ones of my own and know exactly how time consuming that can be.

I tried installing from zip and it failed. However, once unzipped and folders copied to the addon folder of Kodi, it works! There are some minor bugs (text placements in Settings and Skin Settings), but nothing major as far as I can tell.

Great work!
things i have noticed im running Openelec 5.0 KODI Helix

- when you set (set content cant see any of the provider) lower priority
- None of the watched icon overlays and part played over lay showing up in either movies or tv shows Important one skin is usable once this has been fixed
this stopped working since gotham update

- Network Logos are under the description of tv show, needs to go up i think lower priority this has been like this for a while
- The views for tv shows and movies the highlited overlay where it chooses items does not match up with the selection lower priority

tv show next aired works once the addon is install

i think if the above items are fixed then it would be ready for the repo....

they are the main things i have noticed,....

as i keep playing ill let you know if there is anything else...

if i can change something for the skin to make the overlays work please let me know whereHuh

This skin and like many others have said is my favorite simply and clean.

Regards Denis
That was with the master

with beta version all the text allignment is off

under appearance settings all the text on the left is too far right..

and the text under the icons under settings are all to the right...

the rest of the issues stand..

Thanx Denis