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Full Version: PSA: preventing GRUB boot screen on XBMCbuntu
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I recently came across something really annoying:

I have XBMCbuntu systems which have only a remote control connected (no keyboard, no mouse)

If the systems are rebooted using the PC's physical power button, they get stuck at a GRUB boot screen !

This is really stupid default behavior!
  • It only happens if you do not have a keyboard connected
  • It can only be resolved using a keyboard
  • no timeout, it just sits there
  • In my case (2 different PCs with different remotes) it can only be resolved by plugging in a keyboard and rebooting with the same PC power button

Anyhow it's not hard to fix if this is something that affects you:

Edit 3 lines in /etc/default/grub

Then rebuild grub with this command: sudo update-grub

As far as I can tell my systems are now fool proof and family can't break them.