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Full Version: Total Newbie Question
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Hi there,

I only just discovered XBMC. Looks awesome!

I've installed XBMC. Obviously I have lots of questions but the first one is:

Where's the best tutorials on getting started with XBMC? Is the YouTube channel "XBMCHELPER" the best place to start for a Max OS Mavericks user?

Personally, I think the Wiki is a great place to start. At least that will give you an idea of what you understand and specific questions you might have.
I would check out the skins section to get the look you want. I use Aeon MQ 5 (my fav). Theres also Aeon Nox, Ace, and ReFocus that are good skins. You should get a skin that supports as many add ons as possible like MQ to take full advantage.

Some good plugins are:
- PsuedoTV which lets you have a TV like experience with "channels" based on the content of your library.
- Artwork Downloader to manage the downloading of various video library artwork
- CDArt Manager to do the same for music
- Cinema Experience to have trailers and bumpers play before the movie like in the theater.
- TraktTV Plugin. combined with free trakt.tv account the automatically scrobble the content you watch so you can see what you have watched over periods of time
- NextAired to see air dates of future episodes.
- TVTunes to play Tv theme songs when browsing a specific TV show
- VideoExtras allows you add video extras to your library like the outtakes and docs that come on many discs
- XBMC Library Auto Updater so the library will be automatically refreshed at a chosen interval (it normally only does so on boot)
- YouTube Addon

XBMC is great because of the wealth of add ons available and is why I made the switch from Plex (though I do still use it to stream to other devices in the house. XBMC can't beat that capability...yet. They work well in tandem especially if you use the TraktTV plugin on both to sync watched states)

Some other things to help build on your XBMC experience (external programs):
-ViiMediaManager to manage the renaming and sorting of content to match expected XBMC scraping parameters. Also get plot, artwork, trailers, etc.
-SickBeard to manage getting of new TV show episodes and fill out your missing content back catalog. Does auto renaming, sorting on the fly too.
-CouchPotato to manage the getting the same for movies.
-SABnzbX as a UseNet client for sick beard and couch potato to use. May require a subscription to a usenet provider. Couchpotato has some suggested offerings with a discount. (I pay around 8 dollars/month)
-MakeMKV to rip BluRay discs
-Handbrake to encode BluRay rips and rip/encode DVD's to add to your library.