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Full Version: Audio delayed uncorrectable after pause movie
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When I pause a movie and press play again the audio is delayed. Only way to synchronize again is to get out with X and back in again to the same position. XBMC is version 13.1 stable, movie has dts-master audio.
It’s a mac mini that never did this on XBMC 12.
passthrough or pcm? - also does seeking forward or backward brings it back in sync aswell? Also did you try to disable passthrough and set speaker layout to 5.1 (or 7.1 or what you have) - in that case be warned that the speaker mapping might be wrong (e.x. center comming out from rear left). Those tests would be helpfull just for the sync issue.

The wrong speaker mapping is already fixed in current mainline code and will be fixed in 13.2 aswell (meaning you can get rid of pass through completely but use pcm where xbmc has better options to sync audio and video).