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Full Version: Can songs be removed from a playlist after being played?
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Hi All,

In Frodo 12.3, I'm using Playlist.GetItems to get the current music tracks I have stored in my music playlist.

It seems that if I queue 10 tracks and call Playlist.GetItems, I get 10 tracks which is all good.

If for example, two tracks have been played, the next time I call Playlist.GetItems I'd like to get 8 tracks returned but i seem to get the original 10. In my naivety I though XBMC would manage removing played tracks from the playlist, but perhaps I'm wrong.

Is there a way that I can get the tracks in playlist that have yet to be played?

Thanks in advance,

Why should the songs be removed? What if you have "Repeat" set to "All"?

IIRC you can get the current position in the playlist and with that you should be able to calculate the remaining songs. But that obviously only works if you start at the beginning of the playlist.