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Full Version: Is this Possible? (OpenELEC + RetroPlayer + 2x Xbox 360 Controllers + N64)
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I would love to switch to an OpenELEC solution to make it feel a bit more like an appliance and help with boot times. I was wondering if anyone else has successfully set up a a solution with the following:
  • OpenELEC with RetroPlayer (for NES, SNES and Genesis)
  • 2 Xbox 360 Controllers
  • N64 Emulation
If anyone is doing something like this, what did you use for N64 emulation.

Hey mprassel,

-OpenELEC with Retroplayer is possible, just look for a 4.0.x version in the thread. You can play NES and SNES games with one controller quite nice.

-2 controllers should be possible, there has been a refactoring of the joystick API, dont know if it is finished yet. It does require additional configuration on openELEC though

-N64 Emulation is currently NOT possible in Retroplayer on XBMC because it requires additional graphics hardware support. Garbear said he needed help from another team member with this. I hope this will happen some day as N64 would be the most awesome thing in XBMC! Smile
There have been a few commits since I last built the retroplayer version, but I didn't see any way of configuring a second control pad and I don't think any of the commits have added the ability. If anyone knows different I would like to know how.
I've read the same about having a second controller. Hopefully that gets added soon.

Is it possible to use Advanced Launcher + Mupen64plus to emulate N64 on OpenELEC?
I don't think I've read anywhere if the PlayStation Dualshock controller works. Has anyone tried or knows if I can use this?