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Full Version: The About page should be the home page xbmc.org
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Hi! I understand that open source community powered nature of xbmc, but I still believe that the home page of xbmc.org should be a bit more friendly to new comers.
Like all product web sites, it should talk about the product and what it is about. Currently the home page talks about beta versions, releases etc which makes
it a bit unwelcoming for new users.
What do you think?[/align]
It's a balance between a homepage that is useful to new users and a homepage that is useful for people that already use it.

It's also a balance between a page with content that basically doesn't update much (except for maybe a little news feed) and a page that changes frequently (the news page).
I think a few mockups that I've seen did include a more about-oriented home page. That might be an eventual plan, since the last big update/change was mostly focused on updating wordpress and getting the new wordpress skin in place (from what I understand. I'm no web dev ;) ).
why not switch the landing page to be default the "about" page and have a "NEWS" button that gives you current landing page with the blogs.
Yeh, I did originally design the "About" page as the first but after a lot of testing it just didn't look right, and became quite boring to look at.

I personally prefer the "Blog" page as it keeps the project dynamic and lets people keep up with the latest news.

The About page has also been much improved on the current website.