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Full Version: Ubuntu 14.04 Gotham Stuttering
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Hi All,

Been using XBMC for a few years now, and I love it, thanks to everyone who helps develop it!

I have an HTPC system that was running Ubuntu 12.04 for a long time and I recently decided to switch to 14.04.Everything worked great with 12.04. There hasn't been any hardware change or anything. I installed the nvida 331 drives and made sure vertical sync is enabled. I'm using all of the same source file, I just copied the .xbmc folder in my old 12.04 setup to the 14.04 setup because I didn't to make XBMC scrape all of the thumbnails again. That might be my first problem haha.

So I've noticed that my movies will stutter a little bit. The audio is fine but the video will pause and then go super fast for a few seconds to catch up to the audio.
My Xbmc Version
(13.1 Git:f2acae7). Platform: x86 Linux 64-bit

I don't want to post the full debug log because there is obviously sensitive information on it. I will post parts of the log, if somebody can help me look. If that doesn't work, i'll spend some time tomorrow scrubbing the log.

I hope somebody can help! Thanks~~
Partial logs are no good.
Here is a recent crash log. I've noticed this issue occurs mostly with MKVs.


I'm playing an MKV now with the debug log on, I will post that shortly.

and the log file- i cleaned up the folder scanning. I noticed that it is dropping packets towards the very bottom. I have no idea why!

ERROR: VAAPI - unable to initialize display -1 - unknown libva error

so this need to be fixed first.
Turn off VAAPI and just use VDPAU
Thanks! How exactly do I do that? I cleared out that config and just had XBMC generate a new one so i can double check it again.
Choose expert - it is now a hidden feature.
Uncheck all but vdpau related settings.
Edit - choose Acceleration menu. Vdpau uncheck others.